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How to plot with multiple/different info on x-axis?

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    How to plot with multiple/different info on x-axis?


    I have data which is taken daily. I save that in one column. The next column is the time when the data is taken. Thus, I have 2 columns that define the x-axis.

    I wish to make a plot BY DAY, with the data plotted according to a fine-resolution using time on the x-axis. How do I do this?

    To be more specific --- I have hypertension and take regular BP measurements. It's somewhat random as to when I take the measurements during the day. The x-axis should be:

    9am 1pm 9pm 8am 10am 7pm 8am 3pm 7pm
    Oct-1 Oct-2 Oct-3

    The vertical axis is a single axis and I wish to scatter plot the systolic and diastolic measurements, plus pulse.

    After I have this plot, I'd also like to be able to sort by "morning/afternoon/evening" --- so I can create grouped plots to see if readings tend to be higher in the evening, etc...

    Any help is appreciated!!

    Thank you!

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    Re: How to plot with multiple/different info on x-axis?

    I think I have the basic idea, but need an example. Could you post an example workbook with the data in it and we can go from there.
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