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a-axis labeling issues

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    a-axis labeling issues

    The graph displays the distribution rate that a company pays out. On the x-axis, I'd like to have the start date, the end date and any date when the distribution rate changes. I'm struggling to get this x-axis to label correctly. Thanks for the help.
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    Re: a-axis labeling issues


    add a new column to your data this formula


    Manually change the last value to 0.
    Add this data to your chart as a new series.
    Change that new data series to be a XY Scatter chart.
    Display the secondary X axis and format it to the same min and max values as the primary X axis.
    Format the primary X axis to have no data labels and no tick marks
    download and install the free XY Chart Labeler tool available at http://www.appspro.com/Utilities/ChartLabeler.htm and use it to label the data points for the new data series with the dates in column B
    Format the data markers with a symbol of your choice, for example a + sign to emulate the axis ticks.

    See attached.


    Edit: forgot this step: Hide the secondary Y axis
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