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How to plot a scatter chart

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    How to plot a scatter chart


    I have never made a chart before, and cannot grasp the concept. I need to make a scatter chart for length of service for employees (134 off) This also needs to be broken down into the three modules that we have. I thought that each module could have it's own marker colour.

    So I need to show 134 employees, three different colour plot marks, from 0 days service through to 400 days.

    Could you be so kind to help me out as I have no idea where to start?


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    Re: How to plot a scatter chart

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    An xy-scatter requires 2 data points, an x and a y value. You only appear to have a y value, which is length of service.
    If you want to still plot xyscatter then the x value would simply be a value of 1 to 134(number of employees). In which case all you need to do is select the y data and create a xyscatter chart.
    You should know that giving each point a employee name label will require the use of a 3rd party addin.

    If you use a Line chart you can select the names and the y data.
    In order to get the 3 different markers you will need to create 3 sets of y values. An employee would get their lenght of service place in 1 of the 3 columns.
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