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Doughnut chart 2 rings help

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    Exclamation Doughnut chart 2 rings help

    I have a 2 ring doughnut chart that graphically appears perfect, but I'm wrestling with Excel 2010 on the series labels.

    Series 1, the inner ring, shows 3 different product line components displayed as a percentage and totaling 100. I have the component name in a column next to its percentage.

    The outer ring shows 2 business groups, showing what percentage of the inner ring as a whole they use, again totaling 100.

    It looks perfect, although I'm having a problem with the fills. (Struggling to show each data group in a ring with a different color, despite making sure that option is chosen under formatting options.

    The head banging problem is that I can't force Excel to use the data label range for each series for that series. The individual percentages (values) are correct.

    Where I see the problem is in the "select data source box" where I show each series in the left pane and the horizontal axis labels in the right pane. Since I can't figure out how to plot on a secondary axis, its forcing me to choose one set of labels or the other for the whole chart.

    I have forced a work around by using text boxes, but I'd rather be able to do this automatically.
    Thanks in adance.

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    Re: Doughnut chart 2 rings help

    post an example of your chart and data layout

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