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Multiple Columns in Pivot Table (but don't show in Pivot Chart)

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    Multiple Columns in Pivot Table (but don't show in Pivot Chart)

    Hi All!

    I'm creating a pivot table that feeds data into a pivot chart and it's all working just fine-- thanks to some earlier help I got on this forum! ...but I now have have another question.

    In my pivot table, I want to have multiple value columns displayed in the table. However I only want one of the value columns to be displayed in the related pivot chart (and not all of the value columns).

    I tried looking for a way to change the data source for the chart and various properties of the value column, but don't see anything.

    Is there a way I can do this? I can provide screenshots or an example file if that's helpful...


    PS: question also posted at http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthr...64#post3128264.

    [Potential Solution]

    I think I figured it out...

    So, after I add my second column to my pivot table, I select the series in the chart, and change it to plot on the secondary axis. Then on both the vertical and horizontal axis options for my series, I chose to not display them. (In my pivot chart, this new series showed up multiple times for each unique value, so I had to repeat this process multiple times for each value to "hide" the series in the chart).

    At this point, I still had the series I wanted to hide showing up in the legend, so I deleted each of them.

    It took a few steps to get it right and hopefully my chart format won't reset if I refresh data or do other minor tweaks to the pivots, but it looks good so far.

    I may end up painting myself in a corner if I have to eventually have a "real" secondary axis, but I'll deal with that later, I guess...
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