Ad Comparison of survey results.xlsx

Good evening/morning all,

I am trying to show the results of a survey in which we asked 2 groups of respondents to rank their agreement (from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) to a number of statements.
I would like to show the data in a way that is easy to see the comparison between the 2 groups, and preferably on one graph. It has to be a bar graph due to the requirements of the assignment (uni- 1st year Psychology but we haven't done stats yet, so I am just doing my best with my skills learnt so far).
Attached is my efforts so far-
Page 1 is the raw data.
Page 2 is comparative data, but there are so many sets of data that I don't want to use this page.
Page 3 is the comparative data from the first Q I want to graph.
Page 4 is the comparative data from the second Q I want to graph. I have played around the most on this page and think we (the group I am working with) have tried to include too many variables for it to be shown clearly in a bar graph.
Page 5 is the simplest graph and as there is only one variable, I don't need that one to change.

Could anybody please help me with this?
Many thanks in advance!