Iím hoping to get some help (no experience with macros or chart source data really) in having a combo box change a chartís source data.

I have a very large amount of data that is broken into identically sized blocks. Basically it is the flow rate of gas through a pipe recorded every 2 seconds for 14 days (over 600,000 data points). I am interested in making a chart to show the flow rate over time, and would like to show a 1 hour section of data at a time on a single chart. There would be two drop down boxes, one which chooses the date out of the 14 days, and the other would choose which hour of the day (i.e. 4am-5am, 8pm-9pm, etc).

So far what I have done is:
1. Created 14 sheets, each corresponding to the 14 days of data. They are labeled 6-9, 6-10, 6-11, 6-12, etc. Each sheet has all the data points from 12am until 11:59pm of that day (approx. 43,200 rows of data). The time stamp is in column B and the flow rate is in column C (starts in row 1).
2. Created a sheet that contains two drop down boxes to select the date (which sheet to take data from) and the time period (which rows to take data from). When you select a date in the dropdown box, then cell D5 displays the name of the sheet I want to choose data from (i.e. 6-9, 6-10, etc). When you select the time, then cell D10 displays the data range corresponding to all data points over that time period (i.e. choosing 04:00 for the time in the drop down box gives B7201:C9000).

What I would like to do is have a single chart where changing the drop down boxes would update with the new data sources. Iíd like the date drop down box to tell the chart which worksheet to pull data from, and the ďtimeĒ dropdown box to specify which rows to use for the source data.

Is it possible for me to use the text from combo box cell linkís to specify the chartís source data (i.e. sheet and rows/columns) the way I have started out? Iíd like the chart to auto update as soon as a combo box is changed.