Hello, I am wondering if excel can make my life a whole lot easier. I currently have a report that runs of of Bloomberg and Capital IQ's indicies. I have hard coded dates (some are the end of every month i.e. 2/29/2012, 3/31/2012, 4/30/12, etc. and others are every quarter end i.e. 3/31/2012, 6/30/2012, 9/30/2012, etc.) currently in the workbook. I also have charts linked to all of these. The problem is that my charts are showing old info and the axes are becoming scrunched.

The Bloomberg formula takes the date in column A, concatenates with some other info (i.e. ticker and price commands) to yield a value in column B.

I currently have to change the chart data every time I update the report. Since Bloomber and CapIQ automatically update the values when I open the workbook, if I could somehow get the dates to automatically update as well, I wouldn't have to touch the workbook again and everything including the charts should update (I think).

I guess I can do this one of two ways (from the research I've done). I could 1) Have a dynamic chart that only uses the previous 10 values or something along those lines. or 2) Have my dates in column A automatically change to include the most recent (say... 120 months) that automatically refresh from the =Today() function.

Do you guys think that this is possible? Am I on the right track with the solutions I have given? I can do more research if you guys think is will work and get back to you with an updated workbook with any problems.