i would like to create a bubble chart with a dynamic amount of series. [Excel 2010]
one row in excel describes a series. Everything works fine except the coloring of a bubble.
Depending on a value in the row, the buble should change to one out of four specific colors.
I tried it in different ways, but it just does not change the color of the bubble, without error.

For i = 1 To ochart.Chart.SeriesCollection.Count
With ochart.Chart.SeriesCollection(i)
Set myseries = ochart.Chart.SeriesCollection(i)

Select Case Cells(i + 4, bubblecolor).Text
Case "Concept"
With ochart.Chart.SeriesCollection(i)
.Interior.ColorIndex = 12
End With
Case "Product Idea"
myseries.Interior.Color = rgbBlue
Case "Development"
myseries.Interior.Color = rgbYellow
Case "Production"
myseries.Interior.Color = rgbGreen

End Select
End With

Could anyone help me?