Hi there,

I'm doing a piece of work that has a dashboard and automatically populated graphs. This is going to go out to a number of regions to use individually to generate a set of graphs for a common report, this is quite a small thing but my manager has asked for consistency across the graphs.

The problem I'm having is that I'm looking 5 years worth of data, in this particular line graph the values are very low and in some cases all of them can be 0. The problem is if the all the values are 0 the markers appear but the line isn't there, as though it's underneath the the horizontal axis. Frustratingly if you put just one value greater than 0 in any of the 5 years the line will then appear. I've tried everything I can think of but I can't get that line to sit on 0 when all 5 values are 0.

This is really hard to explain, I hope I've explained myself well. I would upload an image or a file but unfortunately I can't do this from my work computer.

To replicate it you can create a line graph with 5 data points all set at 0. If you put one value in you will see what I mean (hopefully!).

This is quite annoying as it is really petty! But if I can get this fixed I will be really happy. Any helpful replies greatly appreciated. Thanks.