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Dynamic Pie Chart Based on User Selection

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    Dynamic Pie Chart Based on User Selection

    I have a chart pf data for a small company and I am trying to create a pie chart that the users can select the year of analysis as well as the category (outputs/spending or revenue), and a pie chart would be created. I have attached a sample excel of my data format, as well as the selectors.

    I need to have one pie chart so the users don't get inundated with multiple chart,s and they can see comparisons simply by selecting. Because I have over 20 years of data, and they want to see a pie chart for each year, it would get messy.

    If it is two difficult to have TWO selectors (year or category), and it would be easier to have 2 pie charts, that would work. I don't know if adding a second "selector" makes this more difficult.

    Thanks for your help with this. I can clarify if I am missing details. Hope the attachment helps.
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