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Can someone help me to manipulate these data?

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    Can someone help me to manipulate these data?

    Hi, It's kinda hard to explain what I want to achieve here.
    I have repeatedly parameters and want to make them headers with their corresponding values of course. Can someone teach me how?
    Thank you

    name parameters value
    a bts id 43827428
    a type Opti
    b bts id 73874342
    b type Flexi
    c bts id 74384928
    c type Indoor
    d bts id 94839743
    d type Indoor
    e bts id 39494904
    e type Opti

    name bts id type
    a 43827428 Opti
    b 73874342 Flexi
    c 74384928 Indoor
    d 94839743 Indoor
    e 39494904 Opti

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    Re: Can someone help me to manipulate these data?

    I'm not sure I can teach you how but if you put together a dummy workbook with the same data layout I can put together a macro that will do it for you.
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