Hi All -

I building a workbook that will function as a checklist and timeline. There is a visual component that will track "Actual Progress" vs "Targeted Progress" so users can visualize whether they are ahead or behind pace based on established goals for completion. I'm using a Pivot Table for this part which displays Number of Remaining Objectives on the Y-axis and timeline until Targeted Completion on the X-axis. If anyone is familiar with SCRUM methodology they'll understand what I'm building is similar to a Burndown Chart.


It's displayed about 5min 20 seconds into the video.

I have the Targeted Completion figured out: its a downward sloping bar chart over the life of the project, identifying the remaining objectives as we get closer to the end of the timeline. Ideally, I'd like to layer in "Actual Progress" over this bar chart as a trendline so users will visually be able to track progress.

Two Part Question:

1) How do I get data only to populate in the Pivot Table through the current point on the timeline? Meaning, if we are 200 days away from targeted completion, I only want the actual progress to be visible until that point. So far I can only get it to populate through the whole timeline...

2) How do I eliminate the bars for the Actual Progress and just leave the trendline? I was going to just change the color of the bars to match the background but I was wondering if there was an actual way to achieve this effect.

Thanks for all your help!!!