Hello All,

I have created to Three Dynamic charts in Dashboard (1.Bullet chart 2.Guage Chart 3.Bar Chart). All these will update based on the selection from the combo Box (Form Control). I have Placed these charts in a Particular area using Picture link for Eg: http://chandoo.org/wp/2013/04/23/int...xcel-tutorial/.
Also I Have 3 Option Button 1.YTD Sales 2.Target Vs Achievement 3.Product Variance and chart for each options are 1.Bullet Chart 2.Guage Chart 3.Bar chart.

when ever i select these option button charts will updating accordingly in picturelink . But for guage chart Meeter is not moving and for bullet chart Bullets are not moving based on the selection from combo box. But in original chart all are updating properly, but not in Picture link.