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Data Analysis- advanced pivot functions for employee analysis

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    Unhappy Data Analysis- advanced pivot functions for employee analysis

    I am stuck on this data analysis. I finished all the way to step 3. these are my instructions below.

    1. Convert the Time In and Time Out columns from text to actual time.
    2. Using the Date In column and the formatted Time In & Time Out columns, create 2 new columns called Date/Time In & Date/Time Out
    3. Create a new table called "HOURLY COUNTS".
    4. For each hour of the day, beginning with 6AM and ending with 5AM (gaming day), count the number of dealers that are on staff for each date.
    5. Average the number of employees for each Day of the Week.
    6. Create a line chart that graphs the average number of employees by hour for each Day of the Week.

    The data for the dates were in the wrong format, So I added two new fields. Excel is reading those new fields as a text still but I am able to get hours out of it.

    I am stuck on part number 4, I am not sure how to get a count for every hour "dealers" worked when the information given is time in and out and hours worked. ATTACHED IS THE FILE.
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