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How can I sort by non-Parent Row Label field in a Pivot Table?

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    How can I sort by non-Parent Row Label field in a Pivot Table?


    I will do my best to explain a problem that likely already has an answer or cannot be solved. I much appreciate any help or advice!

    I am currently using a Pivot Table (tabular) to display my data, which is in regards to analyzing the current and previous sales cycle.
    I would like the ability to be able to sort from various fields alphabetically whilst using this as a working document. However, as I understand it, only my first field of Row Data is able to be sorted like this, due to everything else reading as a 'parent' of this data.

    I would like to be able to sort REGARDLESS of this first field. To remove the hierarchy in a way. Possible?

    I know the obvious answer would be to have the field I want to be sortable as the parent. However that makes my table less user friendly in displaying the data and I will require the use of different fields to be sorted at different times. Is there a way of perhaps reassigning the parent field without moving it around to the first column?

    Any advice or help would be amazing. Thank you all!

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    Re: How can I sort by non-Parent Row Label field in a Pivot Table?

    If you select the whole range (of the column in a pivot table); you will be able to sort, with the sort function.

    Also the first column will move along with the new sorting.

    In other words it is possible.
    Notice my main language is not English.

    I appreciate it, if you reply on my solution.

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