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Reformatting data as simply as possible (stock example included!)

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    Cool Reformatting data as simply as possible (stock example included!)

    Hi, and thanks for your help! An xls file is attached, in case the data below looks wonky.

    I'm trying to take the following data:
    Ticker Type Date Percent Change in Stock
    APL Blue 10/20/2013 0.02
    APL Green 9/5/2013 -0.04
    APL Green 8/1/2012 0.03
    GOOG Blue 10/5/2013 0.06
    GOOG Green 5/1/2012 0.04
    MMM Blue 10/10/2013 0.02
    MMM Blue 5/8/2013 -0.02
    MMM Blue 4/2/2013 0.01
    MMM Blue 4/2/2012 0.06

    And turn it into a chart, with Type/Color in rows, Ticker in the columns, and a list of % changes in stock/dates in the past 12 rolling months.

    Blue +2.0% 10/13 +6.0% 10/13 +2.0% 10/13, -2.0% 5/13, +1.0% 4/13"

    Green -4.0% 9/13

    Example is attached, for better formatting. I tried doing this with a pivot table, but it seems that pivot tables demand to summarize your data. I'm hoping for an easier way, without VBA, to set this up. I can code VBA, but I'm setting this up for some colleagues, and if they have to make changes, they won't be able to sort through the VBA code for this, unless it's pretty simple.

    Can anyone help?
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