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Is that possible to copy and paste pivot table to multiple sheets?

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    Is that possible to copy and paste pivot table to multiple sheets?

    for my school project, I am right now doing time tracking for all of my activities throughout the day with excel. Here is basically what I am doing: For everything I do, I record and put in start time and end time for the activity.(I use simple formula to subtract these twos) If my day goes on like study, break, study, meal, study, break and each activity takes one hour for each, I have total of 3 hours studying, 2 hours taking break and one hour for meal. I am using pivot table to show all totals for each activity. Pivot table is working best as far as my knowledge goes as I can choose and look up total of multiple activity combined. The problem here is I am making one sheet per a day and I need to continue this for three months. (So that seems like 90 worksheet). What I was thinking is I make Sheet 1 as master sheet. Then, copy and paste the entire sheet for 90 sheets assuming all formulas including pivot table go along with them. then, when I put in new data to other sheet,magic happens and values in pivot tables will change relatively after refresh. You might be probably laughing hard at me right now. I know..I tried it for like 3 sheets. Simple formula to subtract endtime and start time still work accordingly with new data. But, Pivotal table is playing dead at all. I researched and found that that might be problem with reference and absolute cell reference thingy. Could you please help me how to fix the problem ( to make pivotal table work for different worksheet). All the cells used ( including column and row ) will be entirely the same for all worksheets. The only difference aka problem is different sheet. Thank you so much in advance! I spent the whole day figuring out.
    I want to make my question clear.
    I want to use sheet 1 as a template and copy it down to next 90 sheets taking all contents except data. Is there anyway I can copy and paste the whole template to another 90 sheets while making pivot table work and calculate and update itself according to relative data from each own worksheet? I use excel 207 btw. Below is picture of what is happening.
    table 2.jpg
    If you have other suggestion with least time possible, I'd love to hear that!

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    Re: Is that possible to copy and paste pivot table to multiple sheets?

    To attach a Workbook
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    Ben Van Johnson

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