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Remove whitespace from empty (non-existent) columns

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    Remove whitespace from empty (non-existent) columns

    In Excel2013, I'm trying to generate a graph from this table.

    It turns out like this.

    This is almost what I need however there is an unnecessary whitespace for every blank cell. It's more obvious when you look at the ref bars. I suppose Excel is creating a column of height 0 for every blank cell. I really need to change this behaviour and remove those empty columns.

    Can somebody help me?

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    Re: Remove whitespace from empty (non-existent) columns

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    Re: Remove whitespace from empty (non-existent) columns

    Hi and welcome to the forum

    If the data you are plotting is from a formula, modify the formula to produce #N/A for the blank cells.

    Either that or hide the rows with the blank cells
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