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Excel 2000 Count Entries within a time frame.

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    Excel 2000 Count Entries within a time frame.

    Good Afternoon, am currently working on a project and was able to build sheet successfully on Excel 2010. However my Work PC has 2000. So here is the issue:

    I have =NOW() on cell E2 then I subtracted a minute from that on Cell E3 by using =(((E2*24*60)-1)/60/24). B:B has time slots that are entered every time the X key is pressed (I have a keyboard encoder connected to a Sensor that triggers a key stroke every time something passes through the sensor). So B:B is formatted to have Time X:XX:XX PM/AM. So what am trying to accomplish is, I want a formula that will give me Number of entries entered between E2 and E3. Basically capture every time slot that falls between. Thanks, hope I made sense.

    Here's the formula I had on Office 2010

    I found this formula useful and it worked for me
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