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Formula to see if a value is in a range

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    Formula to see if a value is in a range

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a formula to see if a value of one cell lies within the values of two other cells, and then based on the value of a third column, make new rows with the corresponding third column value...

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    But would it be possible to make:
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    Sorry for the mess, I don't know how to work the table function in this forum format!

    I have this already:

    Worksheet Formulas
    Cell Formula
    A2 =IF(ROWS(D$2:D2)<=(MAX(B:B)-MIN(A:A)+1),MIN(A:A)+COUNT(D$1:D1),"")
    B2 =IF(LEN(D2),D2+1,"")
    C2 =IF(LEN(D2),LOOKUP(D2,A:A,C:C),"")

    But it does not account for decimals.

    Would it be possible to have text generated that is a mix of the two values in column c if there are decimals?


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    Re: Formula to see if a value is in a range

    Hi Bobfrank,

    Any chance you could upload a sample workbook showing what you are trying to accomplish? I'm having a bit of trouble following your example.

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