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    why does my IFERROR, INDEX, SMALL, MATCH not work :(

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and would like to ask for help on an excel formula. I currently have an excel (example attached) where I have employees name in the first column and job functions in the first row across the top. Next to each employee name, I have entered if they perform that job function, indicated by "Yes". What I would like for the formula to do is reference an employee's name (cell B25 of attached example) and below, list all job functions where "Yes" is indicated. For example: Cornelius Johns (cell B25) would display "Sales" in cell B26.

    I have attempted to use an array =IFERROR(INDEX(,SMALL(IF(INDEX(,,MATCH())="Yes" formula, however have been unsuccessful.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated
    Thank you in advance
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    Re: Excel Formula: IFERROR, INDEX, SMALL, MATCH

    Try this...

    This array formula** entered in B26:


    ** array formulas need to be entered using the key
    combination of CTRL,SHIFT,ENTER (not just ENTER).
    Hold down both the CTRL key and the SHIFT key
    then hit ENTER.

    Copy across to E26 then down until you get a row full of blanks.
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