Good day!

I'm dealing with a list of names which span across sheets referenced by INDEX/MATCH. Now, in one of those sheets is a set of data in which the names appear more than once. All is good in the mother sheet for one column if I simply need to count the number of times the results repeat.

However, there is a request from my clients to include another column that will count the number of items in the 2nd sheet that will fit a certain criteria. I've attached a file that I hope can serve as an example to get my desired results.


Here's what I imagine I initially wanted to do:
1. Check the existence of 1 name in the first table in the second table using INDEX/MATCH between the first columns of the two tables (IDs).
2. If they do, count the number of times that the ID occurs in the second table. If they don't, do nothing, blank.
3. Use INDEX/MATCH (or something else) using the ID to return the values in the final column of the second table.
4. Find a way to return the multiple results of the INDEX/MATCH (if the name appears repeatedly) in #3.
5. Set a criteria so that "Balance" or whatever value they decide upon not to count will not be counted.

Am I making sense? I hope this is possible. Preferrably using only one long formula (or multiple columns, depending on what is lighter on file size).

Thank you!