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Excel Formula for grading employee

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    Excel Formula for grading employee


    I just want to know the formula for our stats for our employee to grade their performance.
    Let us say that the criteria for passing the sales rate is 25% and 75% other criteria will be attendance, research, attitude etc.
    Now we need to focus on getting the formula for the sales rate. By having 10% of the meeting being converted to sales, you can get the 25% on your stats.
    Letís say that, our employee was able to set up 20 meetings and the sales were 4 out of the 20 meetings. The rule is to get 10% of your meeting so this person passed and will get the 25%
    Another employee got 20 meetings and the sale was only 1 out of 20. So that should be 5%. he failed and will only get 12.5% since that he only got half of 10% sales rate.

    What kind of formula should we use?
    Please help me, this should be very helpful for me.

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    Re: Excel Formula for grading employee


    You can do this by nested if condition, it will be better if you provide a sample workbook showing results manually typed


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