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Tracking Sheet - Drop down list with dates <= Today ( )

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    Tracking Sheet - Drop down list with dates <= Today ( )

    Hi Guys,

    I'm not sure if I'm asking too much, but here goes anyway:

    I'm currently in the process of creating a tracker sheet for new works, from this I want to populate fields to create a report sheet.

    In my 'tracker' sheet I have the column 'Programmed Dates' which will be populated by dates as such:

    H3 02/05/2014
    H4 06/06/2014
    H5 19/07/2014

    From these dates I want to create a drop-list in my 'Report' sheet that only populates with months that were included in the 'Programmed Dates', in this instance they would be:


    At present all months are populated from a pre-defined list in the 'Tracker Info' sheet but this means any new dates have to be manually added and can include dates before the current one.

    I would like the drop down list to repopulate once further dates are added onto the 'Programmed Dates' sheet, e.g. 20/08/2014 (Sep-14) and 03/01/2015 (Jan-15) and so on for the foreseeable future.
    Also I don't want duplicates as multiple dates can be used the same month e.g. July-14 (04/07/2014 & 28/07/2014) but I only want the one option of July-14 to be in the drop down list.

    I know the following code is wrong but I've been looking along these lines:

    =IF(EDATE(Tracker!D3:D19 < TODAY()), MONTH(TODAY), 2)

    Any help will be much appreciated guys.

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