I've got an excel spreadsheet (let's call it the "main sheet") linked to an external excel database file. The "main sheet" has fairly straight forward "lookup" formulas that look up an item number on the "main" sheet and report back a price from the database file. Lately, I noticed that when I have two or more "main sheets" open simultaneously (each uniquely named), all of them linked to the same database file, the formulas are reporting back figures incorrectly in some cells. Reviewing the formulas, they are all correct, but in some instances are reporting back data from an incorrect row of the database file (9 rows off in this case). When I close the other instances of the "main sheet", and leave just one open, I see the numbers literally correct themselves, enforcing that the formulas are correct. Leaving all instances of main sheets open, I can also correct the problem by selecting "edit links" in the Data drop down header and "update values". The formulas instantly update correctly. However, when I close those files and reopen, the problem reoccurs. I work with multiple files open often, each connected to the same database, and have never experienced this issue before. Is there any way to correct this issue? Thanks!