I need to pull data from a workbook that collects data input via a Google Form, and have it auto-update the information in the inventory table that is in a separate workbook. In addition to pulling information from one workbook to another, I also need the match criteria to pull from the "last" occurrence of the match in the workbook that collects the Google Form responses (this way, the Table in the other workbook will always show the current location of inventory.)

Since I am not working in Microsoft Excel, I have had to paste the links to my documents in Google Sheets (as I know of no other way). I understand if you are not able to open the links to help me. If you can help, following are the two workbook links and what I'm trying to do with each.
Here is the Workbook I am trying to "pull" data from: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...gid=1908406342 The numbers are all test numbers, but the "Cell Location" (column E) format is how the location will be tracked and how it will need to be matched up with the CI Cell (column A) in the other workbook with the Table(below):
Here is the Workbook with the Table: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...OWs/edit#gid=0. I need the "Slug #" and the "Qty" columns in this table to be auto-filled/updated from the other workbook as the data entries via the form are completed each time we receive slug inventory. Therefore, I need to be ableto match the "Cell Location" (column E) in the workbook above with each CI Cell locations (CI-1 through CI-20) in column A of this table - but I need it to match the "last" occurrence.

I have been researching this for days and cannot find any examples and keep getting either formula parse errors, or it is telling me that it cannot find the value in the Match evaluation. Hoping someone can help me solve this - and I thank you in advance!