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Formula works for all data in table, but want to update formula to calculate per filter

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    Formula works for all data in table, but want to update formula to calculate per filter

    My current formulas works for all data that I insert into a table, but want to update my formulas to calculate per filters applied in the excel document.

    I thought I could use (subtotal, 2) but am not getting my data to update correctly.

    The 2 formulas that I am using for my calculations are:

    =SUMPRODUCT((Table10[Job Number]<>"")*Table10[Qty Prod]/COUNTIF(Table10[Job Number],Table10[Job Number]))

    =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(MATCH(Table10[Job Number],Table10[Job Number],0),MATCH(Table10[Job Number],Table10[Job Number],0))>0,1))

    I read another post similar to what I was trying to accomplish, and copied these formulas and modified them to my specific data without fully understanding how it works, but it does work! Now, I want to update these formulas to update the count based off of what is filtered, but have not had success in doing so. In the attached example, I would like to turn on and off different "Group" columns and have my data reflect. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

    Internal PPM rev 3.xlsx

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    Re: Formula works for all data in table, but want to update formula to calculate per filte

    With an pivot table.

    Probably something like this (see the attached file).
    Notice my main language is not English.

    I appreciate it, if you reply on my solution.

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