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How to paste formula properly from different spreadsheet

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    How to paste formula properly from different spreadsheet

    I use excel 2013
    I wrote a formula for a table column (the column name is "date range")
    Now, I'm trying to copy it to a different table at a different worksheet (every worksheet represent different country)
    and of course I want the formula to use the data at the new table/ spreadsheet
    but it doesn't seems to change the references relatively, even though I use "past formula".
    I can't use the F4 because it seems like it doesn't influence the table name.
    here is the formula like its written in the "New York" spreadsheet:
    =IF(AND(A30-[@[Arrival Date]]>0,A30-[@[Arrival Date]]<=2),CONCATENATE(TEXT([@[Arrival Date]],"dd/mm/yy"),"-",TEXT(A30,"dd/mm/yy")),IF([@[Arrival Date]]=A28,B28,[@[Arrival Date]]))
    and this is how its appears in the Hamburg spreadsheet:
    =IF(AND(A21-NY[@[Arrival Date]]>0,A21-NY[@[Arrival Date]]<=2),CONCATENATE(TEXT(NY[@[Arrival Date]],"dd/mm/yy"),"-",TEXT(A21,"dd/mm/yy")),IF(NY[@[Arrival Date]]=A19,B19,NY[@[Arrival Date]]))
    My goal:
    At the Hamburg spreadsheet/table, I want the formula to use the Hamburg data
    the two table structure and headlines are the same
    Thanks a lot
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    Re: How to paste formula properly from different spreadsheet

    It would be easier if you were to post an Excel sheet. Make sure there is just enough data to demonstrate your need. Include a BEFORE sheet and an AFTER sheet in the workbook if needed to show the process you're trying to complete or automate. Make sure your desired results are shown, mock them up manually if necessary.

    Remember to desensitize the data.

    Click on GO ADVANCED and use the paperclip icon to open the upload window.

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