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Extract rows if names are meet names in named range

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    Extract rows if names are meet names in named range


    I am wondering is it possible to use INDEX, SMALL, MATCH, ROW formula combination to extract all rows which contain a name from named range.

    For example, there are two name range (let it be person a) (names from range T3:T30, and person b) (names from range U3:U27).

    I have yet extracted rows which meet pre-criteria, so I now want to extract all rows in two tables each one for a named range for person a names, and person b names

    For example let it be person a is John, and person b is Steven. Each one have a collaborators which whom they work and guide some data for them.

    The extracted data lays in range B10:H90. I want to extract all rows in new table for person a (with names from his named range, and same for person b.

    I tried to make named ranges with name John and Steven, and than make in cells G4 and G5 data validation to this named ranges but I get always errors.


    getting #NUM, and if I try to put named range in formula (in place of G4 and G5, I got # REF error.

    Also I want to use this worksheet as shared (two pc) so any macro or table formatted isn't good idea.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: Extract rows if names are meet names in named range



    Please re-read the forum rules re cross-posting.

    Also, you are able to attach workbooks on this forum, which would clearly be of benefit here.

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