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Offset or Index or both

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    Offset or Index or both

    Good evening Forum Members,

    It has been a long Friday and I am still not any closer to my solution so I am hoping someone here can help me.

    I have read various post on here and on blogs about the Index and Offset functions. I understand the offset function very well. And I think I have just about got my head around the Index function. But somehow when I use them together I cannot seem to get the result I am looking for.

    Here is my example sheet
    Offset or index or both.xlsx

    Ideally I want C2 to be my input cell and then based on the value in C2 the "magic" of the formula returns all of the corresponding colours for the code in C2 into cells C3:C6 from the table below.

    I have left the values in C3:C6 as a way of example of the expected result.

    Look forward to your repsonses.


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    Re: Offset or Index or both

    Maybe try add a helper column.

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    Re: Offset or Index or both

    In C3 enter this array formula and copy down


    ***Array formula must be entered by using key combination of CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER and not just ENTER

    Or you can also use this regular formula

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