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Need Help - AutoCalculate Attendance Points for employee attendance records

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    Need Help - AutoCalculate Attendance Points for employee attendance records

    I need some help (or someone to do) perform the following on my companies attendance sheets we use for our site. The first two requests deal with tweaking a macro already put in place. The last request is a new tab I need so I can easily calculate how many attendance points each employee took every month for a new incentives program we are offering.

    Attached is a copy of our Attendance Sheet

    Request 1 - Hard

    This first request deals with altering a current tab that has macros. The page is used to easily see how many associates I have scheduled off (either vacation and/or illness/jury duty/FML/etc). What I'd like to see added is a hover over, or a way to see who all is scheduled off by clicking on the date/number showing someone or a few associates are scheduled off. An example is in this image:


    Request 2 - Easy
    Last Tab: Formulas - Do NOT Touch!

    This second request is to change the attendance codes we use to show what type of excuse the associate has on a scheduled day off. We currently use most of them, I just need the last few to show and work as a selection on the current drop down when choosing what type of off day the associate had. These being:

    B = 0
    OL = 0

    Request 3 - Medium
    Third Tab: Formulas - ATTENDANCE POINTS BY MONTH

    This is a new tab I need created. I went ahead and filled it out partially to show you what it would need to look like. I would like for it to either update itself or updated like the 1st two pages via a "Update" button and the macro runs to input the data. The data needs to break down how many attendance points a employee used for each month. NOTE - Attendance points are derogatory points. These do not include Vacations, Jury Duty or anything else that results in 0 attendance points given. To see all codes that result in attendance points, refer to the last tab: Formulas - Do NOT Touch!
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