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Text functions -- translation tables and dupilcates

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    Text functions -- translation tables and dupilcates

    My table is currently translating phrases in an English catalog to 10 different languages.

    My table is set up so that the English phrases go downward and each language is a column across ex. Dutch/German/Spanish/ect.

    For example, A2 is Hello, then B2 is "Hola"

    Hello Hola Bonjour
    Goodbye Adios Au reviore

    But there may be 15 Hello's down the English column. Instead of tediously copying and pasting Holas and Bonjours in each cell, is there a function that can make Hello become Hola in all instances in Row B ONLY?

    It could only apply to one row, because if Row C is French, it would need to say "Bonjour" for all instance of hello.

    So I need to make one cell with text equal another cell with text (A1=B1, in all instances of row B only, and so on and so forth

    Thank you for your help. Is there any way I can send my sheet as an attachment to help?

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    Re: Text functions -- translation tables and dupilcates

    Yes to attach your file, click "Go advanced" button, next to "Post Quick Reply", and then you will find paperclip image button to attach file.


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    Re: Text functions -- translation tables and dupilcates

    Hi, welcome to the forum

    Are you saying that you will have text in all those cells, but in some cells, you want a formula to check for repeats?

    If thats what you are asking, then no, a cell can contain either data or a formula - not both.

    Why dont you try and IF the duplicate rows and just delete them?
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