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Auto populating a calendar for homework tracking

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    Auto populating a calendar for homework tracking


    I am in need of anyone's help. I am currently working on a homework tracker. In it, I've created a tab which consists of a list of days and the different tasks assigned per subject. I've allotted 5 cells per subject per day as there are instances where there are more than 1 task for a given subject. However, I now want to create a calendar view of these tasks. What formula should I use so that the Calendar contains a list of the task assigned? Please see as attached:

    track hw.xlsx

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Re: Auto populating a calendar for homework tracking

    Gave it a try. See attachment.
    Did take the liberty to change the structure of the list to make it better searchable for the calendar formula.
    The formula may look pretty complex (not to say horrible), but it works and is actually simpler than it looks at first glance.
    I'm explaining the formula in the sheet FormulaExplained.
    Just see if this could work for you.
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