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If Frequency Formula count based on date is off by 1

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    If Frequency Formula count based on date is off by 1

    Please see attached sample.

    In column L, I have an array that is counting the distinct numbers in column C for for the specific Month and Year in Column A. For some reason, for the months that don't start in row A2, in this case March and April, the count are off by 1. In summary, Feb 2015 count is spot on, but then March and April are both 1 too many.

    Any ideas on what may be causing this?

    Thanks in advance for your time.
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    Re: If Frequency Formula count based on date is off by 1

    I think that you will be counting blanks as zero values in some circumstances, try this revised version


    or you can shorten the MONTH/YEAR parts like this for the same results:

    Audere est facere

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