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Formula HELP for a newbie

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    Question Formula HELP for a newbie

    Hi there,

    I am very new to excel and only really know the basics, but I am slowly starting to use it to a bit more potential. I only know how to write formulas using the builder but even that take a bit of guesswork as well.

    I need to make a formula that can help automatically process some financial data. I am freelance and when I do a job I sometimes will not get paid till the next month or even next two months so I need a formula that can look at what date I mark a payment ‘received’ and enter it into the correct monthly column.

    If you look at the jpeg of a new financial spread sheet I’ve put together I need it to see what month I write in the ‘received’ column then take the amounts in ‘taxable’ and ‘expenses’ and put in in the correct month in the ‘monthly income / basic expenses’ sheet below.

    So i.e. – Inc 1001 – This job was on April but payment was not received till May. I need the payment in the ‘taxable’ column and any other payment in that column also received in May to sum up into one lump sum for the income row ‘Lighting Technician’ in the sheet below it.

    Then the same but for expenses but that will go in ‘expenses received’.


    If this is possible please give me a dummies guide how to formalise it.

    Thanks E

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    Re: Formula HELP for a newbie

    Your explanation and your line work on your image are a bit confusing, you might want to formulate your request better in order to get more responses.

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    Re: Formula HELP for a newbie

    Welcome to the forum. Please take a look at the forum rules, especially #1 and change your post title. People search and your title won't help anyone with a similar problem.
    Make contributors happy, click on the "* Add Reputation" as a way to say thank you.
    Sam Capricci

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