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Override Conditional Formatting

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    Override Conditional Formatting

    I am trying to add some conditional formatting to the spreadsheet in the picture attached.
    I would like for the ROW to be filled in different colours based upon the combination of blank active cells within said row.

    If as in my picture F2,G2,H2&I2 are NotBlank then I would like for the row to be filled Blue
    If F2,G2&H2 are not Blank, but I2 is then I would like for the row to be filled Green
    If F2&G2 are NotBlank, but H2 & I2 are then I would like the row to be Yellow
    If F2 is NotBlank but G,H&I2 are then I would like the row to be Orange
    If F2:I2 are all blank then I would like for the the row to stay white.

    Is this possible?EXCEL TEST.png

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    Re: Override Conditional Formatting

    you should be able to use a formula like

    AND( $F2<>"",$G2 <> "", $H2 <> "", $I2 = "")
    in conditional formatting and assign a colour

    And add rules for each colour

    if you attach a spreadsheet rather than an image that would help

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