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Sumif multiple values

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    Smile Sumif multiple values


    I want to create a spreadsheet where i can put multiple sumif criteria in a list and get the correct answer.

    Se example book.

    E.g if i want to sum the amounts in the B column refering to the account nr. in column A. i should get the value 300 and not 100 as i do in the spreadsheet.

    Also important is that if i at a later point increase the List with account 2060 i should get the value 500.

    All help is much appreciated


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    Re: Sumif multiple values

    Try the above formula
    edit the ranges if needed
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    Re: Sumif multiple values

    the sumif should be
    why should you get 300 and not 100

    you have 1 entry for account 1000 of 100 only
    Are you trying to sum all entries that is in the LIST column ?

    if so try

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