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sum rows based on sub-total

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    sum rows based on sub-total

    Hello Excel Gurus,

    I'm looking for a formula or vba code that will calculate a total (or sub-total to be more precise) for rows that are constantly changing (i.e. dynamic range).

    I have attached a spreadsheet for more information which is like a payroll time sheet.

    In it, I have to go to each 'sub-total' row to calculate the sum for the activity for that particular location. As there are hundreds/thousands of rows I have to repeatedly hit the sum function for every sub-total line.

    I've currently done this in cells:

    F9 and G9
    F20 and G20
    F24 and G24
    F32 AND G32

    I'm wondering if there is an easier way to calculate all the rows that have a sub-total as an identifier. Either in the form of a formula/vba-code?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Re: sum rows based on sub-total

    There is a duplicate post of this question here:
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