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SUMIF criteria is a code

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    SUMIF criteria is a code

    =SUMIF(AD19:AD39, A19:A39="XXXXXXXXX", AD19:AD39)

    Trying to sum a range of cells in column D that have "XXXXXXX" in the column A as the criteria. "XXXXXX" is a combination of numbers A1&B1&C1.
    Keeps returning a dash.

    I have columns I want to sum by different XXXXXXX codes.

    Any suggestions?


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    Re: SUMIF criteria is a code

    Place a file with an example. Also write what is supposed to get.

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    Re: SUMIF criteria is a code

    Try this

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    If not Ok, please upload a sample file to see the layout

    Mark the thread as solved if you are satisfied with the answer.

    In your first post under the thread tools.


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    Re: SUMIF criteria is a code

    Use a SUMIFS, forgo the value in column A and reference the individual column values.
    Don't just use the answers provided for you. Try to understand how it works by reverse engineering or asking about it.

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