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How to the heck do I make URLs clickable?

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    How to the heck do I make URLs clickable?

    I used office 365.

    I have a program that I use to search google. The output is on a .csv file. When I open the output the URLs are not clickable until I make a hard return at the end of the URL. That is a pain in the butt. I'd really like the output to be clickable, so I can go through, one after the other, and open the various pages.

    Now the program I use has been built for my business specifically, and can ask the programmer to add anything.

    Do any of you have quick and easy suggestions for making the output add clickable URLs?

    I was thinking about adding a field that would take the URL output and make it clickable by adding a "Click me!" to it. Except I have NO idea how to do this. Would one of you amazing people explain how I can do this?

    I really would appreciate any help. Thank you.

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    Re: How to the heck do I make URLs clickable?

    CSV files are not Excel files, they are TEXT files. When Excel opens a CSV the text is converted into separate cells for display, but it's TEXT. No URLs, just text that look like URLs.

    So, the simplest answer is to open the CSV, create your clickable hyperlinks one time the hard way, then save the workbook as an actual .xlsx file so your Excel formatting and hyperlinks are preserved. If you save to CSV, that's text again, everything "Excel-ish" goes away.

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