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Referencing help

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    Referencing help

    Hi, I would be grateful if anybody could help me please.

    I wish to populate a cell in Sheet1 with the sum of the last value in columns from Sheet2 and Sheet3.

    However, the column from Sheet2 and Sheet3 for this formula needs to be identified by Excel by matching an identifying number from Column A of Sheet1 (adjacent to the destination cell) to the same identifying number in Row 1 of Sheet2 and Sheet3.

    I have tried to attach a simple example document where I have shown the sum that would give the right result in the right place.

    In practice the data in Sheet2 and Sheet3 will not be the same width/height as one another and there will be a larger number of worksheets from which Sheet1 would need to reference from.
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    Re: Referencing help

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    Re: Referencing help

    Or possibly:

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