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Help requested on dependent drop down menu

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    Help requested on dependent drop down menu

    Hi guys-

    I would like to make a dependent drop down menu from the following table:
    Diameter Type of Measurement Serial #
    3.9 Stereo PXTM45050FG(Black)
    3.9 Stereo PXTM45050SG(Blue)
    4 Stereo TM405555FG(Black)
    4 Stereo TM405555SG(Blue)
    5 Stereo PXTM56060FG(Black)
    5 Stereo PXTM54545SG(Blue)
    6.1 3D Phase XL4TM61105FG(Black)
    6.1 3D Phase XL4TM61105SG(Blue)
    6.1 Stereo XLG3TM616060FG(Black)
    6.1 Stereo XLG3TM615050SG(Blue)
    6.2 Stereo PXTM626060FG(Black)
    6.2 Stereo PXTM626060SG(Blue)
    8.4 Stereo XLG3TM846060FG(Black)
    8.4 Stereo XLG3TM846060FG(Blue)

    I've researched help online but still confused.

    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Help requested on dependent drop down menu

    If you want the 'Serial #' to be selected based on a combination of diameter/type/colour, it's going to be very tricky. Dependent drop-down lists are really for independent lists (e.g. select 'pizza', get list of 'margherita, quattro stagioni, etc, etc'; select 'burger', get list of 'quarter-pounder', 'baconburger', etc).

    I think Filtering will do what you want instead.
    Select your header row, then click 'Filter' on the 'Data' tab. You'll see little arrows appear next to the headings. Clicking these arrows gives you the chance to filter the entire table - so you can (for example) filter for '6.1' in 'Diameter' then 'Black' in 'Colour' and the table will only return two Serial numbers.
    Here's a file showing this, using your data:

    If you really want drop-downs, try looking at this thread: http://www.excelforum.com/excel-form...down-list.html


    If your problem is solved, please go to 'Thread Tools' on your first post and 'Mark Thread as Solved'.
    You don't need to give me rep if I helped, but thanks are appreciated.

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