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Car Leasing Equity Calculation Help

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    Car Leasing Equity Calculation Help

    Hi All, Im sure this isnt all that tough- but im stumped.

    I have attached a workbook. Basically, what I need to do is populate the column "assumed value". In order to do this, I created three tables at the far right of the worksheet. I labeled the vehicles model and year, and then placed values based on mileage assumptions. I used broad groupings because i couldnt figure out any easier way (figured 10k miles per year). What i'd like to do is have the workbook recognize the model, year and assumed mileage (highlighted the columns yellow- H is what I need, I, J, K is the data im using) and produce an assumed value based on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Car Leasing Equity Calculation Help

    Glh222, Good evening.

    Initially I must advise you that there are many numeric fields with values in text format.
    This creates serious problems of data consistency and research.

    I fix two rows of your spreadsheet to introduce you to my suggestion to solve your question.
    I hope you can use this hint.

    With a New Table I suggest you this formula:

    H2 -->

    Take a look at your example with this formula implemented:

    Is that what you're looking for?
    I hope it helps.
    ...If my answer helped you, Please, click on. * Add Reputation (at left)

    Best regards.
    Marcílio Lobão

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