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Filtering UK Postcodes

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    Filtering UK Postcodes


    I have hundreds of records which include postcode fields for the whole of the UK.

    I need to filter this to show all entries for specific postcode areas. More specifically at postcode regions beginning -

    BB, BL, M, OL, SK, DN, LN, S, WF

    Ideally this filter should show the number that follows the first or second letter in the postcode as necessary. For example BB1, M3 etc.

    I know there is a Left function but this would still show postcodes including MK, ML, SY and ST.

    Can a numerical wildcard be added after the letter? That would eliminate the postcodes I don't want to see.


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    Re: Filtering UK Postcodes

    Assuming postcode to check is in A2, try this one
    Formula: copy to clipboard
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