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Register balance

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    Register balance

    So, my question is this...I use a basic checkbook register with a running balance. My workbook has sheet 1 with my monthly budget. It included all bills, personal expenses, and how much goes out of each check. I also have a place where I keep how much each of the 2 monthly checks are minus all expenditures for said check. I would like to be able to have the running balance of two separate register balances on sheets 2 and 3 to display on on sheet 1. I know how to insert it from the current balance on the register, but once i add transactions, I don't want to have to update the formula on sheet 1 to a new reference cell on sheets 2 and 3. Ideally, I would like to have some type of total or balance box at the bottom of each register that updates with the balance so that I have one cell to reference in the formulas on sheet 1. Is this possible?

    I know this I made it sound more complicated that it is, I really just want the balances on the registers to update on sheet 1 when I add transactions. Hope this clarifies.
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    Re: Register balance

    Just taking a wild guess...

    Do you want the last (bottom-most) number from a column?
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