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Pulling information from one main worksheet and moving certain information to multiple

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    Pulling information from one main worksheet and moving certain information to multiple

    I have attached a workbook for multiple things I would like to happen.

    The 1st spreadsheet is the main page. This is inputted manually. I list all truckloads of material which came in, where it came from, the date, freight cost, pounds of each grade of material and total pounds received. Average freight cost/pound is figured by dividing freight cost by total pounds. I will continue to add to this list of loads being received.

    The 2nd spreadsheet is the price of each grade of material from each plant. This can change over time as well as I've put an example in.

    The 3rd, 4th and 5th spreadsheet are each individual plants sheet. I need to take the information from the main sheet and move it to each individual page for where the material came from as well as getting a total cost of each grade of material so I need to pull the cost information from the Price of material page for each plant according to date received and multiply it by the pounds received.
    (These worksheets actually will need to go to separate workbooks because each plant has its own folder with multiple other documents relating to each plant - I just used spreadsheets for easier access.)

    The last spreadsheet has individual pallets of material listed with which load it came on, the pallet # given, the grade of material and pounds received. This is entered manually. The last column - I need it to read which Stock # it came on so it can find the Average freight cost of the stock # from the main page and also add this to the price of the material from the plant it came from including making sure the date of the price is correct.

    Any help or advice of setting all of this up in a different way would be greatly appreciated.
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