Hi all,

I have a raw data that lists country, product, and individual transaction values in columns A, B and C respectively.

I am hoping to use a formula to list out all matches in column C from large to small for a certain product sold to a certain country, is this possible without using macro? Ie. IF X matches col A and Y matches col B, return all matches from col C, ranked descending order.

Some alternative methods that didn't work/not feasible for me:
Filters: My report has somany countries x product combinations that it is too laborious to filter country/product one by and then copy and paste
Pivot table: I couldn't split individual transaction values out and rank them, then have a formula that draws specifically the Nth largest value in the range.

Extract of spreadsheet attached below, yellow cells are the ones that I need to replace with a formula.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much in advance!