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Index/Match for Filtered result

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    Index/Match for Filtered result

    Capture-Array Formula.PNG
    Capture-Subtotal and Max.PNG


    Question: I wish to use Index/Match for only the filtered result in a table
    OR in other words: Index/Match for only the visible cells

    Specific scenario:

    I have a table A3:C118 and I am filtering the data and finding the subtotal for the maximum value in column C. How do I find the corresponding data point for column A?
    Row2: Contains headers
    Cell E1:Contains subtotal to find maximum value in visible cells
    Cell F1:Contains Array formula
    Formula in cell E1:=SUBTOTAL(4,C2:C10)
    Formula in Cell F1:=INDEX(A2:A10,MATCH(1,IF(SUBTOTAL(3,OFFSET(C2:C10,ROW(C2:C10)-ROW(C2),0,1)),IF(C2:C10=E1,1)),0))
    Note: Formula in Cell F1 should be entered with Control+Shift+Enter as it is an Array Formula

    I need help in:
    Found this formula in a formula guidebook maintained by the team here.
    It works perfectly fine.
    However I do not understand it. Can anyone help in understanding this?

    Sorry I have problems in attaching the workbook, hence the attached pictures.


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    Re: Index/Match for Filtered result


    You can find some info about Array Formulas at http://www.utteraccess.com/wiki/inde...Array_Formulas

    Hoop this helps a bit.
    The Netherlands

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