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Trying to sort a file without using the blanks

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    Trying to sort a file without using the blanks

    I have 2 rows that I want the first column to be the same. I have a rule to add a Z to the name for sorting purposes that works well, and if the even line is blank the odd line is also blank, however when I do a sort of the sheet, it puts the blank cells in the top of the list it adds the Z to the column name for about 6 or 8 lines. They look like Row 2 "NameZ" Row 3 "NameZZ" Row 4 "NameZZZ" for about 8 rows. I am trying to sort the list alpha so that we can easily find a name. The next thing I will want to do is sort the data as it is updated if that is at all possible.

    The table is kind of like this

    Name Date/Offense Date/Offense Date/Offense

    Joe 01/01/10 02/01/10

    JoeZ Parking Speeding

    Mary 04/01/10 06/10/14

    MaryZ Speeding Speeding

    So I want to keep the name order intact, and associated with the correct lines of the report associated with the correct person. So that after sorting Mary still has speeding offenses associated with her. I am doing what I can to learn this so anything to help is great. I am really trying to figure out the VB end of these things, but the easiest/best way to get to the end works for me.
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    Re: Trying to sort a file without using the blanks

    I would repeat the name in column A and your problem is solved. Alternatively you could create columns between the Date/Offense to make a column for DATE separately and OFFENSE separately.

    Stacking like that is not standardized and makes managing the data annoying.
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